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Finding a Job

The Work Study Office collects job descriptions from potential Work Study employers and lists them by type of job online. This is done on a continuous basis but primarily before the beginning of each Work Study period (academic year and summer). There are a variety of jobs available and usually more jobs than applicants. You may choose which positions to pursue; some may have appeal because of flexible hours, some because they offer career-related experience, some because of convenient on-campus locations. Of particular interest to many students are the community service and America Reads/America Counts Work Study positions. These off-campus jobs offer students the opportunity to work for local schools and other community non-profit agencies and organizations, providing direct service to their clientele. Students thinking about service careers can gain exposure or experience in such fields as counseling, tutoring/mentoring, public health, recreation, therapeutic child-care, among others. Students who would like the chance to perform public service but need a paying job will also want to review these positions.

Once you have been awarded Work Study, you need to come to the Work Study Office in 520 Schmitz to pick up a job referral form, which shows the amount of the award and the period of employment. This begins the process of securing a Work Study position.

You contact the employer(s) on your own and arrange for an interview. To request disability accommodations, contact either the Disability Services Office (543-6450 voice, 543-6452 TTY, 685-7264 FAX, or E-mail) or the Office of Disability Resources for Students (543-8924 voice or 543-8925 TTY, or E-mail). Dress appropriately and be punctual. In some cases, you may wish to provide a resume for your prospective employer. Take the job referral form with you on each interview. When you are hired, give your job referral form to the employer; he or she will fill out the employment information and give you a copy. The original must be returned to the Work Study Office so that we have a record of your being hired. It is very important that this form be returned to us before you start working.

The Work Study Graduate Assistant Program funds Work Study research and staff assistantships and teaching fellow positions during the academic year. Academic departments and other campus units fill these positions by appointment. Job descriptions are not posted with the Work Study Office. Graduate students who have been awarded Work Study for the academic year and who wish to be considered for an appointment under the Work Study Graduate Assistant program should contact their academic or research units.

Job listings are available in the Work Study Office beginning in September. Call the Work Study Office after September 1 to find out referral times (206-685-1985). If you don't start working at a Work Study job shortly after the start of Fall Quarter, your award is likely to be canceled.