Financial Literacy

Credit Card and Debt Information

Understanding how to use credit wisely is an important part of your financial literacy. Maintaining a good credit score is important for helping you get the best interest rates, along with other benefits. You are eligible to receive a free annual credit report, which contains information used to evaluate your applications for financing, housing, employment and more.

Job Search Strategies

As you graduate from college and enter the working world, it will be important to maximize your opportunities for finding work and beginning your career. The UW's Career Center can help you in your search for employment.

Default - How to Avoid

The best way to avoid defaulting on any of your financial obligations is to make your required payments on time and in full. One strategy to help you with this is to set up automatic payments - this will help you avoid late fees and negative information on your credit bureau record. If you run into difficulties in keeping your account current, be sure to contact your lender/creditor as soon as possible - there may be alternative payment options your creditor can offer that will help you avoid default or other negative consequences of having a past due account.

Additional Financial Literacy Resources

There are many websites about personal finance to help you in learning more about financial literacy. Here are just a few:

  • College Reality Check - the Chronicle of Higher Education's website on Your Education Your Investment.
  • 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy - general financial topics from the American Institute of CPAs
  • - the U.S. government's website for the basics of financial literacy
  • - a personal finance education resource created by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
  • - an education web portal offering resources geared toward students (see Public Resources)
  • - a public service of PHEAA with practical money management, effective handling of credit cards, understanding student aid and the repayment of student loans
  • Banking on Our Future - a financial literacy program developed by U of Pittsburgh through the Operation Hope project
  • Student Debt Repayment Assistant - a student loan financial information/facts site to help you estimate your debt load at graduation and assess your options for repayment from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau