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Student doing researchWith so much news and so many journals, books, and workshops, where do you start?

New innovations in academia and elsewhere are allowing scholars to gather information faster and more efficiently than ever.

Researching your research means utilizing ways that allow you to better prepare for and organize your research.

The following are some ways you can research your research in various fields of interest.

UW Libraries Online

UW Libraries are not only excellent places to study; they also have fantastic online tools, which can be accessed off-campus using your UW NetID.

Other Online Tools

  • WebGuru WebGuru guide to online research is a fantastic guide to research for undergraduates. Included is information about the nuts and bolts of undergraduate research, intellectual property, and lab safety.
  • Connexions Connexions is an "environment for collaboratively developing, freely sharing, and rapidly publishing scholarly content on the Web."
  • Don't neglect your Google options, like Google Notebook Google Notebook to help you arrange and publicize your web research and Google Scholar Google Scholar to search scholarly papers.
  • UW faculty department profiles, such as the one for Bioengineering professor Gerald Pollack Example faculty department profile, are great ways to learn more about what UW faculty research and publish.

Undergraduate Journals