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The Summer Institute in the Arts & Humanities

Faculty - 2008 Summer Institute

Media and the Senses

Seventh Annual Summer Institute in the Arts and Humanities
An Intensive Introduction to Scholarly Research for Undergraduates

June 23 – August 22, 2008


Carrie Bodle

Visiting Lecturer, School of Art, University of Washington, Seattle,cbodle@u.washington.edu

Carrie Bodle is a visual and sound artist whose work has led her to investigate sound in the context of visual art, representation and the transformation of site, history, and memory, and collaborations between contemporary artists, scientists, and technologists.  She has taught studio classes in Video Art and Contemporary Art Practice in the University of Washington School of Art. For the purposes of the Summer Institute, Carrie will focus on engaging students in the production, experience, and critical experimentation with artwork informed by media and the senses. 

Ron Krabill

Axel Roesler

Assistant Professor for Interaction Design, School of Art, University of Washington, Seattle, roesler@u.washington.edu.

Axel Roesler , Interaction Design at the Division of Design, School of Art: Roesler’s research interests include perspective, navigation, and narrative and how these play out in the human-centered design of new forms of interactive experiences in complex socio-technological settings. H e co-taught Humanities 204 with Phillip Thurtle: “ The Role of Perspective in History, Science, and Design,” which was a Danz Course in the Humanities and, among other things, asked undergraduates to consider how digital media inform how we see ourselves and others . For the purposes of the Summer Institute, he will focus on the role of design in human interaction.

Kari Lerum

Jentery Sayers

Graduate Student , English, University of Washington, Seattle, jentery@u.washington.edu.

Jentery Sayers is pursuing a PhD in English and has taught several composition courses at the University of Washington, Seattle. His research interests include the intersections of sound technologies with Anglo-American modernist literature, radio and culture, and his teaching promotes the production of digital media in the service of technological and academic literacy. Before entering graduate school, Jentery was a musician, and, alongside his scholarly work, he is a web designer. For the purposes of the Summer Institute, he will focus on sound’s role in articulating embodiment in digital media, theory, and literature.

Georgia M. Roberts

Phillip Thurtle

Assistant Professor in Comparative History of Ideas and History and Adjunct in Anthropology, University of Washington, Seattle, thurtle@u.washington.edu.

Thurtle has published work on information processing, genetics, digital media, and embodiment. As mentioned above, he co-taught a Danz Course with Roesler on “The Role of Perspective in History, Science, and Design.” For the purposes of the Summer Institute, he will focus on theories of embodiment and the role of information processing in the sciences, arts, and humanities.