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The Summer Institute in the Arts & Humanities

The 2002 Institute

Innovations: Text, Technologies and New Media in

Ancient Worlds and Contemporary Cultures

June 25 - August 22, 2002

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2002 Overview

Picture from the Summer Institute

Photo by Derrick Jefferies, 2005 Summer Institute

How is innovation recognized and valued in ancient and contemporary cultures? What kinds of relationships are possible between technological and artistic innovation? How do researchers conceptualize? How have visual, aural, and textual representations and technologies altered conceptions of human identity and played into the construction of histories?

The Summer Institute in the Arts and Humanities provides a unique opportunity for selected undergraduates to earn full-time, academic credit through immersion in scholarly research with accomplished scholars and peers. A diverse cohort of arts and humanities faculty will introduce participants to aesthetic and critical viewpoints on a variety of iconographic and textual subjects related to the institute's interdisciplinary theme - Innovations: Text, Technologies and New Media in Ancient Worlds and Contemporary Cultures.

Bringing together four faculty and twenty students in plenary, seminar and tutorial-style sessions, the Summer Institute enables intensive, engaging discussion and encourages mutual learning as well as independent thought. Participants will develop an original, individual project related to the theme through the exploration of source materials and research methods essential for advanced research in the arts and humanities. This final student project will be a substantial and exemplary piece of research, distinguished from routine course work and valuable for future applications to postgraduate or professional programs. The Institute will culminate in the publication of an anthology of students' projects and a formal symposium to celebrate the unique efforts of undergraduate research in the arts and humanities.

The First Annual, 2002 UW Summer Institute in the Arts & Humanities at the University of Washington is sponsored by Undergraduate Academic Affairs , the Simpson Center for the Humanities , the Office of Research , Summer Quarter , the Undergraduate Research Program , and the Mary Gates Endowment for Students .