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Student Experiences

"It has been an extraordinary learning experience for me to be working in such close contact with an experienced researcher, both practically and personally. The kind of personal attention that I received as a student researcher is something that is not duplicated in a classroom setting."

- Sophia Kim (Biology)

"My mentor, Dr. Bryan Jones, has impacted my educational experience in many ways that go beyond the research project he has spent countless hours helping me with. As a veteran scholar, his guidance has proved invaluable as I struggled with my own project at all stages, from research design to data collection to interpretation. 'Struggling,' he would tell me, 'is how you know you're on the right track.' These words of wisdom, as well as many others, have taught me the importance of an open, curious mind not just in academic research but also for life."

- Ashley Watson (Political Science)

"Dr. Horacio de la Iglesia has been a supportive and inspirational mentor since the day I stepped into his lab. He not only teaches me how to conduct the experiments independently, but helps me develop the skills to troubleshoot problems of my own. He is always on hand when I need help and is a tremendous supporter of my academic and career goals."

- Jennifer Lee (Neurobiology, International Studies)