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Winter 2012 Schedule

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Wednesday, 12:30 – 1:20 pm, Odegaard Undergraduate Library, room 220 - Public Welcome!

Course facilitators

Presenter schedule (will be updated as details are finalized)

January 4 - "Introduction to Undergraduate Research"

Jennifer Harris and Jacob Deppen
Undergraduate Research Program

January 11

James Clauss


January 18 - Snow Day!

January 25 - "Understanding the hominin fossil record: What's walking got to do with it?"

Patricia Kramer

Anthropology (Biological Anthropology)

February 1 - "Transnational Guinea Pigs: Conducting Multispecies Research in the Andes"

María Elena García

Comparative History of Ideas

"The Borderlands of Justice: A Tohono O'odham Journey"

José Antonio Lucero

Jackson School of International Studies

February 8 - "Whale Watching Wars: Struggles over Zoning the Salish Sea"

Steve Herbert


February 15 - "Studying Drug Metabolism and Toxicity: How our body gets rid of drugs"

Rheem Totah

Medicinal Chemistry

February 22 - "The MobileASL Project"

Eve Riskin and Jessica Tran

Electrical Engineering

February 29 - "Resonance: Philosophy, Literature, and Interdisciplinary Studies"

Gray Kochhar-Lindgren

Philosophy, Literature, and Interdisciplinary Studies, UW Bothell

March 7 - Final Quiz