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Winter 2008 Schedule

Wednesday, 12:30 – 1:20, OUGL Room 220 - Public Welcome!

January 9 - "Getting Involved in Undergraduate Research"

January 16 - "Hopeful Hemichordates, Twisted Tunicates and Lucky Lancelets: How our invertebrate relative's genomes can inform us about our evolutionary past"

Billiw Swalla photo Billie Swalla, Biology

January 23 – "Social and Moral Relationships with Robots: Animal and Humanoid"

Peter Kahn photo Peter Kahn, Psychology

January 30 – "Tales of a Born Anthropologist"

Rachel Chapman, Anthropology

February 6 – "Research in Classical Antiquity"

James Clauss photo James Clauss, Classics

February 13

Suzie Pun photo Suzie Pun, Bioengineering

February 20 – Red-carpet treatment: Luxury travel and the "language" of class inequality

Crispin Thurlow photo Crispin Thurlow, Communication

February 27 – "From the Sun to the Earth and Beyond – Modeling Space Weather"

Erika Harnett, Earth & Space Sciences

March 5 - "It's Not Rocket Science, It's Citizen Science: Connecting Field Biology to Real People"

Julia Parrish photo Julia Parrish, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences

March 12 - Final Quiz