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Research Exposed!

Autumn 2013

Current students: see the course Canvas page

UW Time Schedule listing: SLN: 14779 - GENERAL STUDIES 391 D
Wednesday, 12:30 – 1:20 pm, OUGL 220 - Public Welcome!

Course facilitators

Presenter schedule (will be updated as speakers are finalized)

September 25 - "Introduction to Undergraduate Research"

Jennifer Harris and Jacob Deppen
Undergraduate Research Program

October 2 - "How brains represent and process information"

Adrienne Fairhall
Physiology & Biophysics

October 9 - "Chasing down the neural code with mathematics and modeling"

Eric Shea-Brown
Applied Mathematics

October 16 - "Avoiding Research Misconduct: A Virtual Experience Interactive Learning Simulation"

S. Malia Fullerton
Bioethics and Humanities

October 23 - "Proteins in the Absence of Solvent"

Matt Bush

October 30 - "Statistical Machine Learning for Real-World Problems"

Daniela Witten

November 6 - "Crowds, Crisis and Convergence: Crowdsourcing in the Context of Disasters."

Kate Starbird
Human Centered Design & Engineering

November 13 - "Timing our sleep to artificial and natural dusk"

Horacio de la Iglesia

November 20

Simón V. Trujillo

November 27

December 4 - Final Quiz