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Autumn 2007 Schedule

Wednesday, 12:30 – 1:20, OUGL Room 220 - Public Welcome!

September 26 - "Getting Involved in Undergraduate Research"

October 3 - "What is Collaborative Community-Based Research?"

Devon Peña Devon Pena
Professor, Anthropology and American Ethnic Studies

October 10 – "Guide to South-ern Trees"
A collaboration between Mark Haim and visual artist Amy Yoes

mark haim  
Mark Haim Mark Haim

Senior Artist in Residence, Dance

October 17 – "A Rock & Roll Radar: Recycling Radio Waves for Upper Atmospheric Physics

john sahr  
John Sahr John Sahr
Professor, Electrical Engineering

October 24– "Racing to the Bottom? Globalization, Environmental Governance, and ISO 14001"

aseem prakash  
Aseem Prakash Aseem Prakash
Associate Professor, Political Science

October 31 – "Becoming Technoliterate: Engaging Undergraduates in Technoculture Studies Research"

jentery sayers Edward Chang  
Jentery Sayers jentery sayers and Ed Chang Ed Chang
Graduate Students, English

November 7 - "Genes, Tissues, and Cellular Identity: A New Approach to Gather Information about What's Happening in Specific Populations of Cells in the Brain"

paul amieux  
Paul Amieux Paul Amieux
Research Assistant Professor, Pharmacology
Director, SCCPRR Gene Array Facility

November 14 – "Facing the Challenge of Climate Change"

Richard Gammon  
Richard Gammon Paul Amieux

Professor, Chemistry and Oceanography
Adjunct Professor, Atmospheric Sciences

Field Notes Cover Common Book related talk

November 21 - Research Ethics Research Ethics

November 28 -

julie stein  
Julie Stein Julie Stien

Professor, Anthropology
Director, Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

Field Notes Cover Common Book related talk

Deceber 5 - Final Quiz

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