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Autumn 2006 Schedule

Wednesday, 12:30 – 1:20, OUGL Room 220 - Public Welcome!

September 27th - "Getting Involved in Undergraduate Research"

October 4th - "Stardust"

photo of Don Brownlee  
Don Brownlee, Astronomy

Introduction by Gary Pennock, Senior, DX Arts

October 11th – "Protein Structures and Pharmaceuticals: The Connection Between Structural Biology and "Mountains Beyond Mountains"

photo of Ron Stenkamp



Ron Stenkamp, Biological Structure

Introduction by Joy Eakins, Sophomore, Pre-Health Sciences

Common Book related lecture

October 18th – "Culture, 'Structural Violence,' and Medical Anthropology”

photo of Janelle Taylor


Janelle Taylor, Anthropology

Introduction by Lisa Peterson, Senior, Religion and
Jimmy Zhu, Freshman, Pre-Science

Common Book related lectureCommon Book related lecture

October 25th – "The Consumer as Marketer: The Web, Consumer Volition and Market Action"

photo of Sandeep Krishnamurthy  
Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Business Administration, UW Bothell

Introduction by David Sandhu, Sophomore, Pre-Engineering

November 1st – "Researching Web Campaigning: Online and Over Time"

photo of kirsten foot  
Kirsten Foot, Communications
Introduction by Sara Seanez, Freshman, Pre-

November 8th - "Critical Whiteness Studies: Researching the Dominant Norm"

photo of rebecca aanerud  
Rebecca Aanerud, Women Studies

November 15th – "Seismology: Studying ground vibrations to decipher earthquakes and the deep structure of the Earth"

photo of John Vidale  
John Vidale, Earth and Space Sciences

November 29th

photo of Clifford Mass  
Clifford Mass, Atmospheric Sciences

December 6th - Final Quiz

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