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Autumn 2003 Schedule

Wednesday, 12:30 – 1:20, OUGL Room 220 - Public Welcome!

October 1st – "Scandinavia in World Politics."

October 8th – "Confining madness: Control unit prisons and mental illness."

October 15th – "King of Fish: The Thousand-Year Run of Salmon"

October 22nd – “Exploration of the solar system: what is there and what is needed for its exploration”

October 29th – "The press, religious cults, murder and insanity: how the media tell us what and how to think."

November 5th – "Tales about doing research on the home as a workplace"

November 12th – "The Formation of Ideology in Post-Communist Russia."

  • Stephen Hanson, Political Science

November 19th – “Cyberspace, President Bush, and the War Machine; or, perhaps we should all think a bit more about peace these days”

  • David Silver, Communication

November 26th – Panel On Approaches to Inquiry:

December 3rd – Panel On Ethics, Making Your Work Public, and the Challenges of Research:

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