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September 2013

Annual updates

  • To help compliance with GIM 10’s requirement for submitting an annual Significant Financial Interest (SFI) disclosure, FIDS will send up to three email reminders to investigators when:
    • an annual disclosure update is due in 45 days.
    • the annual update is due in 15 days.
    • they are out of compliance. This message is copied to the PI.
  • We updated the Create New Disclosure and Disclose SFI pages to simplify the process for reaffirming investigators have no SFI for an annual update.

Other changes in FIDS

  • On the Disclose Significant Financial Interests page, we revised the questions to make it easier for investigators to identify the relationship between their SFI and a particular disclosure for an eGC1.
  • When adding new SFI, investigators will no longer be asked “Has this SFI been previously disclosed?” The question was intended to be used during the short term as we transitioned from a paper process to FIDS.

Other key changes outside of FIDS

  • SAGE users are no longer able to send disclosure notifications from eGC1’s where the sponsor name is “Pending – Notify OSP of Correct Sponsor”; they also can’t send the notifications if the sponsor name is left blank. This will help ensure that the correct disclosure rules and requirements are applied when the PI is updating their SFI in FIDS.
  • To make it easy to find the list of current Public Health Service sponsors, we created a new PHS Sponsors web page. The FCOI online training and other communications will link to this page.

The GIM 10 Financial Conflict of Interest Policy requires all Investigators to update their SFI disclosures at least annually.  Most active UW investigators will have disclosed their SFI within the past year through developing a proposal and/or responding to a funding action. For a few investigators, however, twelve months will go by after they last entered or updated their SFIs.  These investigators (and ONLY these investigators) will need to submit an annual update to their SFIs.

FIDS sends reminder notifications to investigators who have not entered or updated their SFIs for nearly 12 months. The system sends a Notification 45 days before the annual update is due and again at 15 days prior if necessary.

GIM 10 requires annual SFI updates. Therefore:

  • OSP will hold funding for new projects, and new eGC1s for existing projects, until all investigators are current with their SFI updates.
  • SAGE will block submission of an Advance Request for a selected eGC1 if any investigator’s primary disclosure was submitted more than 12 months ago and no other disclosures have been submitted within the past 12 months. The Advance Preparer will be able to notify investigators within the advance request that a disclosure is needed, or training needs to be completed.

In addition, the Institutional Official in the Office of Research has the authority under GIM 10 to suspend research that is not compliant with the requirements of GIM 10.

If you are an investigator who needs to submit an update for review by the Office of Research, follow the links to instructions on how to:

If a researcher is no longer an investigator on any currently active project or pending proposal, the research team should remove that researcher from those proposals in SAGE.

Review Email Notifications Details and Samples.