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What is the difference between "Withdraw" and "Return"?

Only eGC1 owners and reviewers with the Global Editor role can withdraw an eGC1. Withdrawing the eGC1 pulls it out of the routing process so it can be edited. The Withdraw button is located on the Certify & Route page. Note: an eGC1 that is marked ready to submit and is In OSP status cannot be withdrawn. Instead, OSP may return it.

Only Reviewers can return an eGC1, which pushes it back to the PI and contacts for editing. Returning an eGC1 also pulls it out of the routing process. The Return button is located on the Approval Flow page.

To find applications in these statuses, click the filter checkbox for Withdrawn or Returned on the My eGC1s page.

See the eGC1 Statuses article for full details.

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