SAGE Budget and eGC1 Shared Access Data

Connected Budget and eGC1

When you link a SAGE Budget to an eGC1, each item’s contacts and access lists are combined into a shared “access” page.  A set of rules determines how the data is combined, so that no user loses access.

Once you link the Budget and the eGC1, you can make changes from either the eGC1’s Contact & Access page or from the Budget Settings Access & Roles section.

The shared page includes the “owners” which are the Administrative Contact, Pre-Award Budget Contact, eGC1 Preparer, Budget Preparer and the eGC1’s PI. The list will also include any general collaborators with assigned access, either Can Edit or View Only.

The rules for combining the information from the original pages are:

  1. If you have different Administrative Contacts and Budget Contacts listed on your eGC1 and your SAGE budget when they are connected:
    • Any existing SAGE Budget contacts will display on the resulting shared page.
    • The eGC1’s contacts will change to editable access, either Read/Write (eGC1) or Can Edit (Budget). Note: If your budget does not have an Administrative or Budget Contact, then the eGC1 contact will display on the shared page.
  2. The eGC1 and Budget Preparers will display on the shared page.
  3. The PI listed on the eGC1’s PI & Personnel page will be the PI on the shared access page.
  4. Users will keep their higher level of access to the connected eGC1 and SAGE Budget. For example, a user with View Only access to the SAGE Budget and Read/Write access to the eGC1, will have edit access on the shared page.
    • Read/Write (eGC1) or Can Edit (Budget) are a higher level of access than Read-Only (eGC1) or Can View (Budget).
    • Owners (contacts, preparers, and PI) always have edit access.
    • Anyone with edit access may change or remove assigned access for anyone else.

Disconnected Budget and eGC1

When you disconnect a budget from an eGC1, each item will retain the Administrative Contact, the Pre-Award Budget Contact and a copy of all users with assigned access.

Additionally, these adjustments will be made:

  • The Budget Preparer role will not display on the eGC1. However, if the Budget Preparer had no other access to the eGC1, they will be assigned Read Write access to it.
  • The eGC1 Preparer role will not display on the Budget. However, if the eGC1 Preparer had no other access to the Budget, they will be assigned Can Edit access to it.
  • The eGC1’s PI will be assigned Can Edit access to the Budget.

Access page for multiple eGC1s and their connected budget

If you have a budget which is connected to multiple eGC1s:

  • Access lists for the eGC1s and their connected budget will merge.
  • The creator of the most recent eGC1 will become the eGC1 Preparer on the shared access page and will therefore have owner (edit) access.
  • Creators of all other eGC1s will have read-only access.
  • The PI on the most recent eGC1 will receive any email notifications and be listed as an owner.
  • Any former PIs will still display on the PI, Personnel, & Organizations page of the corresponding older eGC1. They will have read-only access to the current eGC1 and Budget. The former PIs will not receive email notifications.
  • Note: The PI on the most recent eGC1 will display on your My eGC1s page, so you will be unable to search for an older eGC1 using the former PI’s name.

Access for Global Editors

SAGE users with the Global Edit ASTRA role do not display on the access list for an eGC1 or Budget. They only have access to eGC1s not in Composing status. They will also have read/write access to any budgets connected to those eGC1s.

Notes, tips, and warnings

  • If you are preparing your eGC1 and budget at the same time, connect your budget before filling out the access page. You will then only need to fill in the information once.
  • If you remove yourself as an owner from the Contacts & Assign Access page for an eGC1 in Composing status or in Withdrawn status with no approvals, you will no longer have any access to the eGC1 or its connected budget. For an eGC1 in Approved or Returned status, you will retain read-only access.
  • Be sure you are connecting the correct budget to your eGC1 or the wrong people will end up on the access list.