How the Approval Flow is Generated


SAGE creates the approval flow (graphical and text) based on data in the eGC1 and the routing rules for each school/college. The flow displays which personnel and unit or compliance reviewers should review the eGC1 and its attachments.

Once an eGC1 has an organization code receiving funding and a PI, the system can generate a draft version of the approval flow. This can be viewed from either the PI, Personnel, & Organizations page or the Certify & Route page of the eGC1. As you add other research personnel, other data such as cost sharing, or responses to compliance questions to your eGC1, this draft version of the graph will reflect those changes.

When you complete the eGC1 and start it routing, SAGE creates a final flow and sends out the initial approval notifications. If you withdraw an application, or a reviewer returns it, when you re-completed it, the system re-generates the approval flow to adjust for any changes you make to the eGC1.

The approval graph appears the same for all reviewers, with the exception of the bold border that indicates your approval node on the graph and the Reason for your review information in the Approval Status Data section. Most people only have one role, so the border will always appear around the same approval node.

If you have more than one approval role, you may see an application listed more than once on your My Approvals page. You will need to approve for each role separately.

For more information, see the sections on Reviewers and Compliance Reviewers.

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