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UW social issues experts

Social issues encompass a variety of topics, from human thought and behavior to race, ethnicity, identity and orientation.

Sapna Cheryan
Associate professor, Department of Psychology; director of the Stereotypes, Identity & Belonging Lab
scheryan@uw.edu | 206-543-5688 | Web
Expertise: the role of cultural stereotypes in human behavior; gender stereotypes; immigration; race relations; women’s under-representation in computer science

Karen Fredriksen-Goldsen
Professor, School of Social Work
fredrikk@uw.edu | 206-543-5722 | Web
Expertise: LGBTQ aging and health disparities across generations; family caregivers; gerontology and social policy; HIV infection

Anthony (Tony) Greenwald
Professor, Department of Psychology
agg@uw.edu | 206-543-7227 | Web
Expertise: Unconscious cognition; implicit bias; creator of the Implicit Association Test

Kevin Haggerty
Associate professor, School of Social Work; director, Social Development Research Group
haggerty@uw.edu | 206-543-3188 | Web
Expertise: substance abuse; delinquency; marijuana legalization; prevention of problem behaviors in youth; school-based interventions

La TaSha Levy
Assistant professor, Department of American Ethnic Studies
levyl@u.washington.edu | 206-543-4358 | Web
Expertise: African American history, race and ethnicity, social justice, social change movements

Pepper Schwartz
Professor, Department of Sociology
couples@uw.edu | 206-543-4036 | Web
Expertise: sexuality; marriage (same- and opposite-sex); cohabitation; gender; women’s issues; parent and child issues; communication between men and women in intimate and work relationships

Jennifer Stuber
Associate professor, School of Social Work; co-founder, Forefront Suicide Prevention
jstuber@uw.edu | 206-616-9083 | Web
Expertise: suicide prevention; mental health policy; social justice; stigma and discrimination; health disparities among vulnerable populations

Lori Zoellner
Professor, Department of Psychology
zoellner@uw.edu | 206-685-3126 | Web
Expertise: post-traumatic stress disorder; anxiety and trauma among refugees and immigrants