UW elections experts

Historic Perspective, Tea Party, Civil Rights

Christopher S. Parker
Associate professor, political science

E-mail | Web | 206-543-2947
Parker brings survey data to bear on questions of historical import. His research has included the tea party, civil rights and the urban crises of the 1960s.

Racial & Ethnic Minorities

Matt Barreto
Associate professor, political science

E-mail | Web | 206-616-3584
Barreto researches political participation of racial and ethnic minorities in the United States. He is known for his national and state voter surveys.

Communications Strategies, Faith and Generational Change

David Domke
Professor, communications
E-mail | Web | 206-543-2662
Domke, chairman of the UW Department of Communication, studies political leadership, news coverage and social change, particularly the dynamics of post-9/11 America. Recent news articles:
Why Obama benefits when the campaign turns to race — Seattle Times
Religious politics now pervasive, says new book, ‘The God Strategy’ — UW News

Labor Economics, Social Issues

Robert Plotnick
Professor, public affairs
E-mail | Web | 206-685-2055
Plotnick researches labor economics, social demography and social welfare policy.

Public Opinion, Public Policy

Mark Smith
Associate professor, political science

E-mail | Web | 206-616-3606
Smith researches public opinion, interest groups, political communication, political economy and public policy.

Politics, Political Institutions, Role of the States

Pamela J. Clouser McCann
Assistant professor, Evans School of Public Affairs
E-mail | Web | 206-616-5817
McCann studies American political institutions at the state and national levels, their interaction and their impact on political choices and policy outcomes.

Government Financial Accountability, State and Local Fiscal Policy

Justin Marlowe
Assistant professor, Evans School of Public Affairs
E-mail | Web | 206-221-4161
Marlowe studies public financial management, state and local fiscal policy, government accountability and public-private partnerships.



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