University Marketing & Communications

March 21, 2013

New class: WordPress 201


Stuck on our image galleries? Don’t know what the heck “pagelet” means or how to use a “blogroll shortcode”? It’s okay, sometimes even we get confused. The Web Team has created unique widgets and customized our WordPress sites above and beyond, so we’re hosting this class to demystify some of our inventions.

Please do not sign up for this class unless you are a user on our hosted WordPress install.

WordPress 201: Web Team Customizations

Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Time: 10 AM to noon
Location: UW Tower, Nebula Training Room (Room 3103, O Building)
Registration: Space is limited, use the form below to register

We’ll go beyond the basics of your UW WordPress site and learn all about custom widgets and other additions unique to the Web Team’s WordPress theme. Check out our WordPress 101 syllabus and make sure you fully understand the topics covered during that class. If you know how to use widgets, can customize your menus, and can upload images and YouTube videos into a page or post, then you’re ready for WordPress 201.

In this class, we will cover:

  1. A quick recap of image metadata (title, alt tag, caption, etc.)
  2. How to create image galleries
  3. How to create captions for videos
  4. How to embed our interactive Campus Map
  5. About Pagelets and how best to use them
  6. The “blogroll” short code versus RSS feeds
  7. How to add users and choose user roles
  8. How you can keep the same URL when uploading new versions of PDFs or other files

This two-hour class will consist of a live demonstration, group Q&A, and individual hands-on practice. Members of the Web Team will be available for questions and one-on-one help during the practice session.

Class attendees will have access to a test site so they can learn and explore without fear of making mistakes on their current site.

Please do not sign up for this class unless you are a user on our hosted WordPress install.