University Marketing & Communications

July 2, 2010

From the rooftop to the UW home page!

By Gina Hills


In collaboration with the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, we are now providing local weather data on the UW home page.  Two standout features: The temperature is taken directly from the Atmospheric Sciences building rooftop, and an in-depth Seattle/UW forecast is available by clicking the weather tab (top right, just above the search box). A big thanks to Harry Edmon and his team at Atmospheric Sciences for helping us provide this new and useful service.

Under the hood: We have added a script that “turns off” the weather feature in the unlikely event the data feed from Atmospheric Sciences goes down. That ensures that old, outdated weather data doesn’t become “resident” on the home page if fresh data is unavailable. So if you ever go to the home page and notice the weather’s missing, that likely means the feed is down. In case we don’t notice right away, feel free to fire off a message to Thanks!