University Marketing & Communications

April 7, 2010

Tips for MyUW users and other insight

By Gina Hills

Wondering where the My UW link will be on the new home page? Check this out!

The good news is you’ll be able to find it in three places. At the very top of the page in what we call “the utility nav” (above) , at the bottom of the page in the “footer” and in a new section on the right side of the page under a tab called “Most Popular”  (right).

More about the “Most Popular” section: That’s where we’ll include links to some frequently visited pages on the vast UW Web. Links in that section will change from time to time as Web traffic patterns change.

There’s another category in that part of the page called “Check it Out” where you’ll find links to UW sites and pages that we think you might find interesting. It’s one way to help you find information you otherwise might not know about. Our way of helping you discover and explore the UW! We’ll be interested in hearing your feedback on that section after the new home page launches!