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UW brand

The University of Washington brand starts with you. It’s your stories. Your enthusiasm. Your optimism about what this University can do, together. Use these best practices, templates, tools and guidelines to incorporate the brand into your materials.

Why brand matters

UW Brand in Action

Admissions welcome packet

Love how the design is clean and simple, letting the UW brand shine. This is a fun use of the Boundless W as a spot varnish on purple. This is a great use of the angled line -- how it is treated as a fill of UW gold.

Arts & Sciences Brochure

This is a great use of so many brand graphic elements — I see fonts, boundless bar, angles, styled headlines, and a Boundless W. Although the UW gold is not used throughout, this was a great transitional piece from the previous brand palette to the current brand palette.

Facilities award

It is fun to see the brand used in unexpected ways. Here the styled headline is used for an award plaque. It is paired with a department signature logo.

Professional & Continuing Education building sign

This is a great combination of the Boundless W and the departmental signature logo. Plus, it is fun to see the brand being used for environmental graphic applications.

Admissions info sheets

Photography is the perfect way to add vibrancy to your designs. Although the brand color palette is limited to UW colors, there is no limit on ways to use colorful photos to liven up your designs.

Report to Contibutors financials

Even charts and graphs should be designed with the brand graphic elements. This spread shows some tricks to utilizing the UW palette for displaying financial data.

UW Visitor Guide brochure

The brand elements work best when the layouts are simple and clean. Use bold, beautiful or human photography (see Boundless photo guide section) to capture attention. Then emphasize your content with bold headline treatments and that large Boundless W.

Coming soon

  • 16:9 PPT Templates
  • Photo Release in Spanish and Chinese


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