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Title IX syllabus statement

The statement below is provided by the Office of the Title IX Coordinator. Faculty and other instructors are encouraged to include this statement on their syllabi but are not required to do so. Whether or not you use this statement, please familiarize yourself with the information on the Supporting students & employees page related to supporting survivors and connecting them with options and resources.

Syllabus statement on sex- and gender-based violence and harassment

UW, through numerous policies, prohibits sex- and gender-based violence and harassment, and we expect students, faculty, and staff to act professionally and respectfully in all work, learning, and research environments.

For support, resources, and reporting options related to sex- and gender-based violence or harassment, visit UW Title IX’s webpage, specifically the Know Your Rights & Resources guide. 

Please know that if you choose to disclose information to me about sex- or gender-based violence or harassment, I will connect you (or the person who experienced the conduct) with resources and individuals who can best provide support and options. You can also access those resources directly:

  • Confidential: Confidential advocates will not share information with others unless given express permission by the person who has experienced the harm or when required by law.
  • Private and/or anonymous: SafeCampus provides consultation and support and can connect you with additional resources if you want them.You can contact SafeCampus anonymously or share limited information when you call.

Please note that some senior leaders and other specified employees have been identified as “Officials Required to Report.” If an Official Required to Report learns of possible sex- or gender-based violence or harassment, they are required to call SafeCampus and report all the details they have in order to ensure that the person who experienced harm is offered support and reporting options.  

Title IX website:

Survivor resources page:

Confidential advocates:


Officials Required to Report:

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