Student Life

September 29, 2021

Welcome to the 2021-22 year!

A message from Denzil Suite, UW Vice President for Student Life.

Hello Huskies,

I am thrilled to welcome you to the 2021-22 academic year. This time last year, we were launching into something completely new and different: the beginning of UW’s first-ever fully remote academic year.

While it was not easy, students, faculty, and staff adapted to this new dynamic skillfully and effectively. Each of you navigated academic and personal challenges – both foreseen and unforeseen – with grace and compassion.

As this new academic year begins, we launch into something yet again new and different. The return to an in-person campus experience brings with it excitement and cause for celebration, but, no doubt, it may be cause for some nerves as well.

Whether you are returning to UW for your final year or have never actually set foot on campus until now, we in the Division of Student Life are here to help guide and support you as you navigate this transformational journey of discovery.

We’re here to listen when times get toughhelp you with career choices, and make sure you have a friendly and inclusive community within the larger University environment. We also offer you a wide variety of activities to enhance your personal health, which we know is important to your academic success.

Student Life, in conjunction with our partners in the Office of Minority Affairs & DiversityUndergraduate Academic Affairsthe Graduate School, and more, serves as the hub of many of the activities that complement your academic pursuits. And make no mistake, your academic pursuits need to remain your #1 priority.

BUT you must also get involved! Your UW experience will be incomplete if all you do is attend class and then study all night.

We know from years of experience and research that students who participate in clubs and organizations, who get involved with their residence hall associations, who participate in engagement opportunities, or who hold office in student government — these students graduate at higher rates, they are more satisfied with the college experience, have better grades, and are less likely to stop out.

While the last 18 months have been a roller coaster, and we still must be mindful of an ever-evolving public health situation, do not let these variables deter you from (safely) getting involved or from making this experience an enriching one.

This is a great year to be proactive, engaged, to put yourself out there, and to really make the most of your Husky Experience.

Welcome to a new academic year. I’m excited for the things we will achieve together.


Denzil J. Suite
Vice President for Student Life