Sponsor Chooser

Use this chooser whenever you are looking up a sponsor across all of the SAGE Suite.

The search text you enter will be looked for within these fields:

  • Entity Name
  • Acronym
  • Parent Entity Name
  • Previous Names
  • Related Names

You can use the Cancel link, or the X in the upper right corner to return to the page your were on without completing the search process.

The following image shows the chooser dialog.
sponsor chooser dialog window

You must enter at least two characters to do a search.

Search Results

The results list includes:

  • Sponsor or Agency Name
  • Acronym
  • Pervious/Related Names
  • Parent Name
  • Sponsor Type

To select a sponsor, use the link in the Sponsor or Agency Name column. The following image shows a partial results list from searching for “national institute.”

sponsor chooser results list example

No Results Found

If there are no matching results for your search, a banner with the message “Sorry, no results for your search.” will display.

Results Found, but Not the Specific Sponsor

Your search may produce either no results at all, as described above, or some results but not your specific sponsor. Below the results, if any, is additional information to help you find the right sponsor or to request a sponsor be added to the UW Funding Entity system.

The following information always displays:

Not finding the sponsor you are looking for?

We recommend you try your search again using single words, abbreviations, or alternate spellings. A partial search term such as “American” or “Americ” will return all sponsors whose names contain that term. You can also search on common acronyms, such as “NIH.”

If you cannot find the sponsor you are looking for, please follow the Sponsor Request Instructions below:

Sponsor Request Instructions

    1. Select “Request Sponsor.”
    2. Navigate to the Sponsor Request form in a separate browser tab.
    3. Fill in the form, and then select “Submit.”
    4. Leave the Sponsor blank until the new sponsor is added in order to route your eGC1.

You will receive an email confirming the new sponsor is now available. Return to your eGC1, search again for that sponsor and select it.

The Request Sponsor button displays below the instructions.

Once you have selected your sponsor, navigate to the PI, Personnel, & Organizations page in your eGC1 to send SFI disclosure notifications.

Where the Sponsor Chooser is Used in an eGC1

  • The sponsor on the Details page
  • The originating sponsor on the Details page
  • The sponsor in the Grant Runner wizard