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Connecting a Budget with an eGC1 form


Learn how to connect a budget with an eGC1.

Before You Begin

This lesson assumes that you have access rights to a budget and an eGC1.

To Connect a Budget with an eGC1

  1. Click the eGC1 Forms tab in SAGE.
  2. Select your eGC1.
  3. Select Budget in the left navigation bar

    screen shot of budget page
  4. Choose your budget.
    • Click the Connect a Budget link
    • From the Choose Budget window, enter the value you want to use to search for your budget, and then click Search.
      Tip: Budget ID is the default criterion used to search for budgets, but you can select a different option (PI last name, sponsor name, etc.) from the drop down menu.
    • From the Budget Search Results, locate the budget you want to connect to your eGC1, and click Select
  5. Select the period of the budget you want to connect with your eGC1. Note: You can only connect one budget period with an eGC1.
    Tip: You can select periods that 1) have not been connected to any other eGC1 and 2) come after any periods that are connected (e.g. If period 2 is connected to a different eGC1, then you cannot connect periods 1 or 2).

    screen shot of budget period selection screen
  6. If you are submitting a new application or competing renewal, be sure to include the Budget Total Column. This displays the total for all periods on the eGC1 Budget page.
  7. Click the Apply to eGC1 button. Your budget is now connected to the eGC1, and any updates you or other users make to the budget worksheet will automatically display in your connected eGC1.

Get Your Budget Approved.

The budget will route with the eGC1. This means that when the eGC1 is not editable because it is “Routing” or “In OSP,” the budget will also not be editable. Users with access to both the budget and the eGC1 can withdraw the eGC1 from routing from the History page of SAGE Budget.

Note: If an eGC1 is marked as ready to submit and has In OSP status, it cannot be withdrawn. Instead, contact OSP and request they return the eGC1.

Once an eGC1 has been approved by OSP, that budget period and eGC1 are locked together and cannot be disconnected unless returned or withdrawn. Note: An eGC1 can still be withdrawn from the Certify & Route page.

Disconnect Your Budget

Now that your budget is connected, a Disconnect the budget link will display on the Budget page of your eGC1. When you disconnect a budget from the eGC1, the values on the eGC1 Budget page are cleared, and the eGC1 Budget fields can be edited from the eGC1. A connected budget period must be disconnected from the eGC1 before it can be connected to a different eGC1.

Tip: All of the data from your budget worksheet and from any sub-budget worksheets will be imported to your eGC1 for the budget period you selected. SAGE does not import certain types of information (sponsor, the org code receiving funding, personnel, budget periods, or non-standard (customized) base information) from a budget to an eGC1, nor does it validate that the information you entered in your budget matches the information in the connected eGC1. If the information does not match, OSP will use the eGC1 as the system of record.

Read the SAGE Budget and eGC1 Shared Access Data page to learn how access information is displayed on a shared access page between your eGC1 and its connected SAGE Budget.

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