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Actions and updates

The Race & Equity Initiative Advisory Committee ensures that the Initiative’s work plan aligns with the goals of the 2022–26 Diversity Blueprint and its six priorities:

  • Cultivate an accessible, inclusive and equitable climate
  • Attract, retain and graduate a diverse and excellent student body
  • Attract and retain diverse academic personnel
  • Attract and retain diverse staff
  • Develop place-based education and engagement to advance access, equity and inclusion
  • Improve accountability and transparency at all levels

Some of our work to date:

  • Hired an education & training manager and developed content to support professional development and growth.
  • Conducted tri-campus climate survey.
  • Partnered with Seattle Arts and Lectures for relevant author events including Ta-Nehisi Coates, Carol Anderson, Luis Alberto Urrea, Sonya Renee Taylor and Connie Walker (2019–22).
  • Designed RFP for student-led, student-coordinated spring programming.
  • Extended training program to serve up to 1,200 faculty and staff from January through May 2017.
  • Partnered with University Advancement on a custom-designed training program.
  • Produced video to share UW equity values and provide resources for incoming students in 2018.