Race & Equity Initiative

August 22, 2018

New Video for First Year Students

When incoming freshmen and transfer students arrive at the University of Washington, they bring a wide range of understanding and experience with the ideas surrounding race, equity, diversity and inclusion. For some, these concepts are very much a part of their world-view. For others, our campus will become the place where they shape their understanding of difference in profound ways.

We are excited to share that the Race and Equity Initiative, in partnership with First Year Programs (FYP) and the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity (OMA&D), has produced a video for FYP’s U-101 online orientation series that introduces new students to the values of equity and diversity at the UW.

The video features honest student-to-student perspectives about what it was like for them to come to UW Seattle. Then, relying on these values, UW students invite their peers to lean in and stay open to new ideas. This video also features resources and points of interest on campus that provide opportunities for incoming students to engage with difference.

Through the lens of our students and in the spirit of equity and inclusion, we hope this video will welcome and inspire incoming classes to build their community and make a positive impact during their time at UW.