Diversity at the UW

Diversity Blueprint

Diversity Blueprint

Over the past several years, the University of Washington has engaged in a series of planning initiatives to shape its future as a premier research and education institution in the context of changing demographics, challenges of global scale, and tough economic times. As part of planning for change, the president asked the chief diversity officer to lead the University Diversity Council in developing goals and strategic priorities to embed diversity across the University.

The Diversity Blueprint has six goals encompassing major areas of emphasis for diversity: leadership and governance; student, faculty and staff diversity; curriculum and research; and institutional and classroom climate. For each goal, there are strategic priorities and recommended action steps for both administrative and academic units and persons who will be accountable for oversight and progress. Institutional level metrics have been developed by a team of University assessment professionals and researchers.

The Blueprint is a guide for planning. Each academic and administrative unit is being asked to develop a plan based on assessment of needs and priorities in relation to those identified in the Blueprint. This web site contains resources to assist academic and administrative units with diversity planning.   The sum total of these planning efforts will constitute a University of Washington Diversity Plan.

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