Diversity at the UW

Diversity Blueprint

The University of Washington’s Diversity Blueprint articulates the tri-campus community’s aspirations for becoming a truly inclusive and equitable environment for learning, research, service, and outreach.

The Diversity Blueprint begins with the University of Washington’s Diversity Council, a body composed of faculty, staff, and students from across all academic and administrative units, which is charged with advising the Vice President for Minority Affairs and Diversity and Chief Diversity Officer on campus diversity issues. In 2010, the Diversity Council responded to the campus community’s calls for the creation of a comprehensive plan that would guide the University of Washington toward achieving its stated goals for diversity and inclusion. In the spirit of those calls, a Diversity Blueprint was developed to challenge the University to live up to its mission of valuing diverse perspectives, creating a welcoming learning environment for all students, and promoting broad access and equal opportunity. The 2010-2014 Diversity Blueprint recognized that, in order to be effective, policies, curricula, and initiatives must reflect the shifting demographics and changing needs of the University’s diverse community.

Although a number of the 2010-2014 Blueprint goals were attained or exceeded, others require additional attention. There is room for continued improvement in the areas of student, faculty, and staff diversity, diversity research, campus climate, and diversity leadership.

To effectively respond to ongoing needs as well as to enhance progress already made, and in order to reflect current concerns of the University community, the Diversity Council has produced a new Diversity Blueprint for 2016-2020 (expected to roll out by the end of 2016) organized around these six goals: 1) Cultivate an Inclusive Campus Climate, 2) Attract, Retain, and Graduate a Diverse and Excellent Student Body, 3) Attract and Retain a Diverse Faculty, 4) Attract and Retain a Diverse Staff, 5) Assess Tri-Campus Diversity Needs, and 6) Improve Accountability and Transparency. The previous Blueprint fostered a number of student-related successes that the new Blueprint endeavors to build upon. For each goal, the Diversity Council has identified a number of strategic priorities and suggested action steps that are essential to progress.

Academic and administrative units will be accountable for the oversight and progress of each goal and strategic priority.  Unit leadership is thus asked to develop concrete plans for fulfilling these charges.  As a guide for assessment, planning, and evaluation, the Blueprint provides an overarching framework with which each academic and administrative unit can align its particular needs and priorities, and against which each unit can measure its success.

The Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity, in collaboration with other diversity offices and programs across the UW, will offer assistance to units to formulate plans and identify resources for effective change.