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Diversity Blueprint

The 2022–26 Diversity Blueprint presents the framework that guides the University of Washington toward its goals of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. UW academic and administrative units are expected to align their DEI plans with the Blueprint. The Diversity Blueprint begins with the UW Diversity Council: a body composed of faculty, staff and students from across all academic and administrative units, which is charged with advising the Vice President for Minority Affairs & Diversity and University Diversity Officer on campus diversity issues.

The priorities of the Diversity Council are to:

  • Cultivate an accessible, inclusive and equitable climate
  • Attract, retain and graduate a diverse and excellent student body
  • Attract and retain diverse academic personnel
  • Attract and retain diverse staff
  • Develop place-based education and engagement to advance access, equity and inclusion
  • Improve accountability and transparency at all levels

In 2010, the Diversity Council responded to the campus community’s calls for the creation of a comprehensive plan that would guide the University of Washington toward achieving its stated goals for diversity and inclusion. Many of the goals in the 2010–14 Blueprint have been met or exceeded.

The 2022–26 Blueprint outlines a set of high-level, aspirational goals for our tri-campus community. These goals provide an overarching framework, rather than a step-by-step guide, to assist individual academic and administrative units in designing local strategic action plans appropriate to their specific contexts and needs. All the goals of the Diversity Blueprint are consistent with the work of the Race & Equity Initiative. Activities will be primarily focused on the goals and success metrics adopted in the 2022–26 Diversity Blueprint.

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