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Saying Good-bye to Ghana

by Kamaria Carnes

After a quick walking tour through the village we headed over to another nearby village to learn how they recycle material to make beads. There are actually many different ways to make them. Some methods include crushing the glass with stone into a fine powder and mixing different consistencies of glass.

group walking into town
The group walking into town
explanation of bead making process
Explanation of the bead making process
Coimbra inspecting crushed glass
Coimbra inspecting the crushed glass
this fine powder is glass
This fine powder is glass too!
oven used to melt glass in molds
One of the ovens used to melt the glass in the molds
women threading final product
Women threading the final product
glass before it's melted
Glass before it’s melted
beads waiting to be washed and polished
These beads just need to be washed and polished, they they’re good to go!

The next morning we finally left the guesthouse and headed back towards Accra for one last round at the Art market and a trip to the mall for last minute trinkets and gifts. After several teary goodbyes to our friend and guide Odaitei and our driver Charles, we begin our voyage back home.

kamaria with bus driver Charles
Charles was our driver for the entire trip. He made sure we got to our destinations safe and sound. It was sad saying bye to him!

We had a three hour layover in Amsterdam. Even though we didn’t get to explore outside, we got a taste of Amsterdam from the inside of the airport.

Avalon and Kamaria checking luggage
Avalon and I with our luggage checking in
Euros in Amsterdam
Euros in Amsterdam!

What an amazing experience with equally amazing people. Thank you OMA&D, Zynovia Hetherington and Jo-Nathan Thomas for taking on Sankofa 2. Though we’re all back home many of us left our hearts in Ghana with the culture and people we befriended along the way.

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