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Snoqualmie Indian Tribe Pledges $100K to Intellectual House

The Snoqualmie Indian Tribe has pledged $100,000 to support the design and construction of the University of Washington’s Intellectual House, a longhouse-style facility to be built on the UW Seattle campus that will serve Native American students, faculty, and staff.  The donation will be matched by the UW’s matching fund initiative, yielding a total of $200,000.

“The Snoqualmie Indian Tribe is proud to support the House of Learning longhouse on the University of Washington campus,” Snoqualmie Indian Tribal Administrator Matt Mattson said. “The contributions of native people to the history of this region will be respectively and appropriately symbolized and represented at the state’s most high profile institution of higher learning. The Intellectual House will be an asset to the campus and a tremendous resource for native students going through the University experience.”

Since the earliest stages of the effort to build the facility, tribal involvement has been a priority for the UW. In addition to the engagement of Native American students, faculty and staff in the various planning committees, tribal representatives have also served on the project’s Planning Advisory Committee and Elder’s Committee.

For nearly 40 years, community members have envisioned the construction of this facility that will pay tribute to the historical presence of the tribes and the vital role they continue to play in the nation and in the local community.

Thanks to the work of renowned Choctaw architect Johnpaul Jones, the UW Intellectual House longhouse will itself be a work of art that distinguishes itself from other campus buildings while honoring Native American culture and traditions.

In addition to being a symbol that honors the region’s tribes, the Intellectual House longhouse will be of vital importance to the community of Native American students, faculty and staff at the UW. It will reassure families preparing to send their children to college that the UW acknowledges and respects the needs of Native American students and is committed to helping them succeed. The Intellectual House will be a home away from home for Native American students, a place that will enable them to maintain strong ties to family and culture while successfully achieving their educational goals.

The 19,000-square foot facility is scheduled to open in 2014.