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Getting Settled in Barbados

By Erica Crittendon

Paradise Beach


Greetings from Barbados! Let me start off by saying that it is absolutely gorgeous here. The weather is humid and hot, but manageable. The first night here was difficult. Our dorms don’t have air conditioning so it was hard to sleep, but when we woke up we had the most beautiful view of the ocean. Later that day, after class, we all took a trip down to the beach. The sands are powdery and white, and the water is crystal clear and warm. The best part is that you can actually swim in the water and there are no rocks!

In our dorm there are also other people staying there with us. Right now there is a cricket team from Trinidad, as well as a few students. Everybody here is really friendly. Trent, who is the student body president at the University of the West Indies, has been showing us around. So far he has taken us to the beach, and last night we went to a place called Just Grillin’ for dinner. The food is absolutely delicious. They eat a lot of fish, including one called dolphin fish, which we learned really isn’t dolphin; it’s actually tuna.

Right now it’s raining, but the rain here isn’t like Seattle rain. It’s quick and it rains hard, like in a rain forest. That’s why everything here is so green and beautiful. There are flowers and trees everywhere, along with animals like geckos and even chickens. We truly are studying in paradise.

A view from the dorm at the University of West Indies

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