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September 19, 2018

UW offers new concurrent graduate degree program for nurses with focus on population, global health

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Nurses and nurse-scientists interested in advanced multi-disciplinary training for population and global health practice can now apply for a new University of Washington degree program. The concurrent Doctor of Nursing Practice in Population Health and Master of Public Health in Global Health Degree is a three- to four-year program that aims to expand the skills of public health nurses and nurse scholars to work in partnership with populations and health systems to ultimately improve access to health care and help achieve health for all.

“Graduates of the new concurrent degree program will be equipped to lead sustainable change in collaboration with health systems, communities, and populations; and will have the skills to evaluate program and policy impact,” said Pamela Kohler, associate professor with the UW Departments of Global Health, and Psychosocial and Community Health, and Schools of Public Health and Nursing.

The doctorate program prepares registered nurses for advanced practice roles, nursing leadership and the application of evidence-informed decision-making models to nursing practice. The master’s degree in global health provides social justice and practical skills-based frameworks for achieving health equity through partnerships, with a focus on health conditions that transcend borders. Graduates of the new concurrent degree program will gain the knowledge and skills of both degrees.

“I believe that the study and understanding of population health is the future of nursing and I’m very excited that we are offering this concurrent degree. Students in this program will integrate research findings and evidence into healthcare policy and practice and they will be grounded in a deep understanding of the social, economic, and political determinants of health,” said Azita Emami, dean of the School of Nursing.

To earn both degrees, a student must complete two sets of degree requirements. Students must submit an application for each program, either at the same time or to the second program during their first year of study.


The UW School of Nursing is holding a series of informational sessions through Nov. 5. Applications are now open for students to begin the program in fall quarter of 2019.


For more information: populationhealthnursing@uw.edu or 206-543-8736.