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Measles, mumps immunization: All students under 22 must submit evidence of measles, mumps immunity and a conjugate meningitis ACWY vaccination given at age 16 or older. Students age 22 and older must submit evidence of measles and mumps immunity, either through vaccinations (two MMR vaccinations) or lab evidence of positive titer.

COVID-19 immunization: All students, including students in fully online programs, are required to be vaccinated if they do not receive a medical or religious exemption. If students haven’t yet been vaccinated where they live, there are many vaccination options available at or near the UW.
COVID-19 vaccines authorized by the United States, by the World Health Organization or by other nations will meet this requirement.

The immunization requirements protect you, your peers and the broader community.

Submit documentation of immunity no later than the first day of the quarter. Students are not eligible to register for classes until this requirement has been met.

Measles, mumps:
1. Review immunity.washington.edu and your immunization record to determine if you need to visit a pharmacy or healthcare provider for immunizations and/or blood tests.
2. Download and complete the required UW proof of immunity form.
3. Have a healthcare professional sign the form (recommended), or locate records that show you have immunity.
4. Upload all documents as a single file at immunity.washington.edu.

Students are required to verify their vaccination status. Visit the COVID-19 vaccination requirements page for more information.
If you are requesting an exemption, follow the instructions in the exemptions section.