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Your Orientation

Advising & Orientation (A&O), is your comprehensive introduction to the UW. You’ll connect with other students, learn about campus resources, meet with academic advisers and register for classes.

Choosing an A&O session 

In line with local and state guidance, Advising & Orientation sessions and Family Orientation will be offered remotely. First-year students are required to make a reservation for a remote A&O session. You must accept your offer and pay the New Student Enrollment and Orientation Fee before registering for A&O. 

You can reserve a space for A&O after you accept your offer. All A&O sessions are offered synchronously (live) in a remote format. You are required to attend the full program, which includes self-guided A&O modules and the remote A&O session.

After attending A&O, you will have registered for classes, discovered campus resources, and started to make connections with the UW community.

  • After reserving your remote A&O, you will receive access to complete the Online Pre-A&O Modules on your own time. Make sure you complete these modules at least 72 hours prior to attending your remote A&O session.
  • During your remote A&O, current students (also known as Orientation Leaders), will lead you through discussions and activities with academic advisers and campus experts, while being on-hand to give advice and answer questions.

International students:

International students are required to register for an A&O session. You must accept your offer and pay the New Student Enrollment and Orientation Fee before you can register. Each sessions capacity is limited.

  • Freshman International A&O sessions are two-days. Full attendance at your entire A&O session is required. See First Year Programs for details.
  • International transfer students must attend a remote A&O session for transfer students during the summer.

International students studying in the U.S. with an F-1 student or J-1 scholar visa must complete the International Student Services online information session and pass the online quiz before attending their remote A&O session. (You can retake the quiz if you don’t pass the first time. You must pass the quiz before you can register for classes during A&O.) 

A separate remote Family Orientation will be offered for parents and family members to learn more about the UW and how to best support their students.


Explore majors

UW students discover new passions through learning experiences inside and outside the classroom. Many students are undecided about their majors when they enter college — and many who have decided will change their minds more than once before they graduate. There’s a lot to choose from at the UW, and many factors to think about as you consider potential majors.

At Advising & Orientation, you will register for your quarter courses, and there will be a lot of discussion about courses that can help you learn about – and prepare for – potential majors. Exploring majors by topic is an easy way to see the breadth of options.

Explore majors

First-year Interest Groups (FIGs)

Get connected, fulfill general-education requirements and meet other new Huskies! A FIG is a prepackaged cluster of high-demand courses that helps you build your quarter schedule quickly and easily. FIGs serve both freshmen and transfer students in their first quarter at the UW.

Explore FIGs

Placement testing

The placement tests described here have one goal: to make sure you’re adequately prepared for the UW. To succeed in difficult entry-level courses, it’s important to start in the right class for your skill level. The UW offers placement tests in mathematics, many foreign languages, chemistry, and music history and theory. Be sure to read about the English language proficiency requirement.


First Year Programs webinars

First Year Programs offers up a range of live webinars and recorded sessions on topics such as: registering for classes, Early Fall Start, disability resources, housing, financial aid, and more.