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Accept the offer & pay the fee

The New Student Enrollment and Orientation Fee (NSEOF) is a mandatory, nonrefundable one-time payment of $374. Paying it confirms your intention to enroll at the UW. U.S. students who are Pell Grant–eligible may be able to defer the NSEOF.

You must formally confirm your enrollment in order to accept the offer of admission.

The date is in your offer letter and within the application information section of MyUW.

You will first need to create a UW NetID if you haven’t done so already.

Confirm now

Can I defer my admission to another entry term?

No, you may not defer your admission. The offer of admission is valid only for the quarter indicated on your offer letter. If you are unable to attend the UW at this time but wish to enroll for a future quarter, you will need to file a new application and meet all requirements and deadlines. If you believe you have extenuating circumstances, please contact the Office of Admissions.

What is the New Student Enrollment & Orientation Fee (NSEOF)?

The $374 new student fee is a mandatory, one-time fee that all entering undergraduates pay to confirm their enrollment and reserve a space at the UW. This fee — paid by all new undergraduates — supports many transition programs.

  • Paying the NSEOF or requesting an NSEOF deferral (Pell eligible U.S. students only) is the only way to confirm your enrollment at the Seattle campus of the UW. Enrolling or participating in any other UW program (such as on-campus housing, the Honors Program, financial aid, ROTC) does not confirm your enrollment at this campus.
  • Once submitted, the NSEOF is neither refundable nor transferable to another quarter, another person, or another UW campus, even if you later decide not to enroll at the UW.
  • If you applied to more than one UW campus, you may accept only one offer of admission; you may not confirm at more than one campus.

Can you waive the New Student Enrollment & Orientation Fee (NSEOF)?

No, we are unable to waive the fee. However, if you’re unable to pay, you may request to defer the cost if you’ve submitted a FAFSA or WASFA and you’re eligible for the Pell Grant program or you have an extenuating circumstance that prevents you from paying at this time. Requests are evaluated individually. Please note, GET funds may not be used to pay the NSEOF. Veterans wishing to defer the NSEOF should contact the Veterans Education Benefits Office for more information.

  • If your NSEOF deferral is approved, the fee will be due with tuition on the third Friday of the quarter.
  • If your NSEOF deferral request is approved but you do not enroll, your payment is still an obligation and due by these dates.
  • If your NSEOF deferral request is denied, you will be notified via your UW email and instructed to pay. Your admission to the UW is not confirmed until payment is received and accepted.
  • International students are not eligible for an NSEOF deferral.

Confirm and request NSEOF deferral

I’m an international student. How do I pay the New Student Enrollment & Orientation Fee (NSEOF)?

If you live outside of the U.S., you may choose to pay the NSEOF via FlyWire or Convera.