Broadening Participation CoP

As participants are selected for the proposed conference, based on criteria and procedures determined by the planning committee, project leaders will place them on an existing online discussion list, the Broadening Participation CoP (, which has been focused on increasing the participation of underrepresented groups in STEM for many years. The “community of practice” paradigm has origins in business; in a CoP, practitioners with common interests (e.g., accessibility of curriculum) help each other improve practices (e.g., delivery of computing aspects of STEM courses). Participants in the Broadening Participation CoP may

  • discuss strategies for increasing the participation of targeted groups in engineering.
  • identify published research that support project objectives and explore how engineering research can be informed with knowledge of related issues and what new lines of research are needed in the field.
  • share online resources for the project website.

You and your colleagues can join this CoP by sending the following information to
Position/ Job Title
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