Diversity at the UW


Below is a set of resources intended to support units working on achieving goals identified in the Diversity Blueprint. Each link represents either a unit with which you might seek to partner or a program that serves as an example of an effort to address a goal that you may want to work on in your own unit.

Goal 1: Create an Inclusive Campus Climate

Goal 1, Priority 1

Create a framework to address the University’s challenges by developing, administering, and assessing an inclusive campus climate survey (Please note:  a University-wide campus climate survey will be conducted in the near future.)     

Center for Evaluation & Research for STEM Equity (CERSE)
Evans School Equity & Inclusion Survey
Office of Educational Assessment (OEA)
Q Center Climate Survey

Goal 2: Attract, Retain, and Graduate a Diverse Student Body

Goal 3: Attract and Retain a Diverse Faculty

Goal 3, Priority 3

Develop school/college practices that support the retention and advancement of underrepresented faculty

Class C Resolution Concerning Equity, Access and Inclusion in Hiring
Faculty/Staff Affinity Groups
Office of the Provost

Goal 4: Attract and Retain a Diverse Staff

Goal 4, Priority 2

Develop school/college practices that support the retention and advancement of underrepresented staff        

Faculty/Staff Affinity Groups
Professional & Organizational Development (POD)
The Whole U

Goal 5: Assess Tri-Campus Diversity Needs

Goal 5, Priority 1

Enhance communication and collaboration across campuses

Submit unit representative’s contact info to Diversity Collaborators database in the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity
Diversity at the UW

Goal 5, Priority 2

Track and develop diversity-related programming that is accessible to faculty and staff at all three campuses

Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity (OMA&D)
OMA&D Diversity and Inclusion Seed Grants
Race and Equity Initiative
Undergraduate Academic Affairs (UAA)
UW Diversity Council

Goal 5, Priority 3

Evaluate accessibility of diversity and inclusion resources at all three campuses 


Goal 6: Improve Accountability and Transparency

Goal 6, Priority 1

Create standards to serve as a guide for deans and department chairs

Creating and Sustaining Departmental Diversity Committees

Goal 6, Priority 2

Ensure that University units successfully contribute toward compliance measures

Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action Consultant in Academic HR
Human Resources

Goal 6, Priority 3

Incentivize the implementation of successful diversity and inclusion initiatives for University units and engage University leadership in disseminating information about those efforts

OMA&D Diversity & Inclusion Seed Grants
Story Central // platform for sharing UW brand pillar stories
UW Diversity Council

Goal 6, Priority 4

Establish an understanding of diversity-related leadership

Office for Faculty Advancement

Goal 6, Priority 5

Increase funding for diversity and inclusion initiatives

OMA&D Diversity and Inclusion Seed Grants
University Advancement