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Praxis 2017  “Learning through Doing: Crafting Meaning through Making-Oriented Pedagogy”

Friday, January 20, 9:00 – 3:00, UW Seattle

Praxis is an annual interdisciplinary conference on writing instruction for the UW community.  Drawing on the activist educator Paulo Freire’s conception of praxis as the intersection of theory and practice, faculty, staff, students, instructors, community partners, and others are invited to participate. Read more>

Call for Proposals: 13th Annual Teaching & Learning Symposium

CTL invites you to present at the 13th Annual Teaching & Learning Symposium. This is an opportunity to showcase and discuss your teaching with UW colleagues.
To be considered, submit your poster proposal by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, February 6, 2017.  Read more >

Post-election resources and support

CTL is offering departmental sessions, community conversations, and resources.  Read more >

Creating a bridge to help international students adjust to life in the U.S.

Many international students are not prepared for the culture shock of studying in the U.S. and rarely know how to take advantage of resources the UW offers. UW staff member Wei Zuo is using her blog and an interactive video app to help change that. Read the full article in Northwest Asian Weekly.

Advancing racial equity in the community: Working to hire and retain a diverse and inclusive faculty

The university has a number of initiatives it is committed to advancing.  One being racial equity in students, staff, and particularly the faculty community.  The Office of the Provost has partnered with the Race & Equity Initiative to provide useful information about diversity resources units can use as they look to hire future colleagues.  This series is “Fostering excellence: Faculty recruitment and retention at the UW.”  Read more >

Social media in the classroom: Opportunities, challenges and recommendations

Learn about the opportunities and challenges of using social media in the classroom. IT Connect’s recent report, authored in consultation with the University Registrar, provides recommendations for incorporating the use of social media in academic work.  Read more >

Get inspired: Innovative teaching and learning at UW

Students in classroomInnovators Among Us: Tips and tools

Download top tips and best practices recommended by faculty and instructors featured in the Innovators Among Us series.

Finding meaning behind the music

Online tool helps students get creative with class presentations.  Read more >

What is your class telling you?

Researchers uncover persistent gender performance gaps in their classes, but suggest classroom techniques to improve equity.  Read more >

Showing rather than telling at UW’s School of Dentistry

First-year dental students learn big lessons thanks to strong storytelling videos.  Read more >

Engaging online students with their communities

UW Bothell Associate Professor Jody Early blends eLearning with service-learning projects to create community online and offline.  Read more >