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Distinguished Teaching Award Recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of the Distinguished Teaching Awards, Distinguished Teaching Award for Innovation with Technology, and the Excellence in Teaching Awards.  The University of Washington is honored to have a dynamic community of dedicated educators committed to engaging students and advancing the scholarship of teaching and learning.  A special acknowledgement and congratulations to all of our finalists and nominees.  View a list of the recipients HERE.

Get inspired: Innovative teaching and learning at UW

Students in classroomInnovators Among Us: Tips & Tools

Download top tips and best practices recommended by faculty and instructors featured in the Innovators Among Us series.

Finding meaning behind the music

Online tool helps students get creative with class presentations. Read more →

What is your class telling you?

Researchers uncover persistent gender performance gaps in their classes, but suggest classroom techniques to improve equity.  Read more →

Showing rather than telling at UW’s School of Dentistry

First-year dental students learn big lessons thanks to strong storytelling videos.  Read more →

Engaging online students with their communities

UW Bothell Associate Professor Jody Early blends eLearning with service-learning projects to create community online and offline.  Read more →

Leading online talks that enrich in-person class

Associate Professor Dian Million talks about how she gets the most out of online discussions in her American Indian Studies class. Read more →
Issa Abdulcadir, pre-doctoral instructor in sociology

Issa Abdulcadir, a pre-doctoral instructor in sociology, teaches students in GRDSCH 200 how to think about and articulate their goals for graduate studies. Photo: Jill Reddish

GRDSCH 200: Preparing for graduate education

When undergraduates are unsure how to choose the right next step, this course guides them on their path. Read more →

University 101: New online course begins students’ orientation experience through video

To overcome information overload, First Year Programs partnered with Academic and Students Affairs in the Office of the Provost to “flip” undergrad orientation for the Seattle campus. Read more →