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Center for Teaching and Learning

Veterans Week Workshop

Join the CTL and The Veterans Center for a teaching and learning workshop: Fri Nov. 7, 1:30-3:00 OUGL Room 220.

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Interactive Theater as Pedagogy Project

Learn interactive theater techniques to promote inclusivity and anti-oppression.

Large Lecture Instruction

Check out our new Large Lecture Instruction resource page. Full of useful information for preparing, teaching, and evaluating your course.

Dr. Margaret O’Mara – historian, innovator, educator

O’Mara, the first recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award for Innovation with Technology chats with GeekWire about her work on the history of the US tech industry.

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Resources for TAs, RAs, Grad Students and Post Docs

Teaching Information & Resources for TAs

A collection of pages on teaching and learning topics including: Getting Started, Engaging Your Students, Assessing Student Learning, UW Resources for TAs, and Professional Development. Learn more

Peer Mentoring: Grads Guiding Grads

Grads Guiding Grads aims to fulfill the need for non-crisis, non-academic mentoring in the graduate and professional student community. Mentors volunteer their time to provide a sympathetic ear to fellow graduate and professional students on topics that are common. The program matches students across disciplines and communities, and provides an opportunity to get advice from a fresh perspective. Learn more

Get Inspired: Innovative Teaching and Learning at UW

Teaching Teamwork

University students are often asked to work in groups, yet few are taught how to work well in teams and often struggle. University of Washington faculty Randy Beam (Communication) and Erin Hill (Physics) describe how they integrate instruction on teamwork into their regular courses to help student succeed in short-term and long-term class projects. Erin Hill’s guidance on group work includes concrete descriptions of group roles (such as “equity monitors”). She then uses playing cards to randomize students’ assignments to both in-class study groups and to roles within those groups, giving them the opportunity to practice their skills in a variety of situations. Randy Beam teaches his students about effective group dynamics, then guides them through building and maintaining successful teams as part of a quarter-long group research project. Arts & Sciences Dean Robert Stacy emphasizes how successful teamwork and collaboration are critical skills in students’ lives after graduation, and encourages UW faculty to work together to support students to develop these skills.

White Paper: Communication Leadership Program Online Teaching Trial

This white paper written by Rick McPherson provides a report regarding a trail of online learning that was conducted in the summer of 2013 in the Communication Leadership Graduate program at UW. Read the full PDF.