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Teaching Remotely

Evidence-based resources and guides for teaching remotely.

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Preparing to teach

Guides for course and syllabus design, teaching different types of classes, grading, and more.

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Engaging students

Read about student-centered active learning approaches to instruction.

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Teaching inclusively

Information about inclusive teaching practices, strategies, and resources at the UW.

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Supporting our students (Message to instructors)

From President Cauce, Provost Richards, Faculty Senate Chair Joseph Janes and Faculty Senate Vice Chair Robin Angotti. Posted June 1, 2020. Read more >

Lifting the veil: Understanding the clarity this moment offers

From President Cauce, posted May 30, 2020. Read more >

Antiracism work is all of our work

From Vice President Rickey Hall, Assistant Chancellor James McShay and Acting Dean Wayne Au. Posted May 29, 2020. Read more >

Teaching Everywhere blog

In response to the coronavirus outbreak—and without in-person classes—UW faculty are transitioning at warp speed in order to deliver instruction remotely. They are using technology, from Zoom to Canvas, in new and interesting ways to ensure their students are learning, no matter where they are located. Visit our Teaching Everywhere blog to see what your colleagues at the UW and beyond are doing.

Building resilience in teaching: Call for stories

Have you had a challenging teaching experience that left you unsettled or made you question yourself and your competence? Who hasn’t! To help teachers develop equitable resilience practices and strategies, we’re collecting stories of these teaching experiences, as well as reflections on how you worked with and through these challenges.

Sharing your story can help others learn from your experiences and contribute to a community of resilience at UW.


Get inspired: Innovative teaching and learning at UW

Using theater to encourage equity and inclusion

How can people address racism, sexism, xenophobia, and other forms of oppression if they can’t identify when it happens? These and other forms of discrimination can be nuanced and are not always obvious to everyone. CTL’s Theater for Change UW recently partnered with the Center for Neurotechnology to help build skillsets necessary for identifying and addressing bias in learning environments. Learn more about the project in this Center for Neurotechnology feature story.

Virtually physics

Doctoral student Jared Canright is exploring the potential of virtual reality to explain physics concepts to UW undergraduates. Read more in the College of Arts & Sciences Perspectives Newsletter.

UW instructors get out of their comfort zone and adopt classroom technologies to enhance the student learning experience

Read the latest UW-IT Partnerships story to learn how UW faculty are turning screen time into meaningful learning time.

EDU Talks: UW College of Education video series

UW College of Education faculty members and researchers who partner with schools, communities and organizations address some of the most pressing issues in education. Watch the video series to learn more about their leading edge research.

Teaching teamwork: Helping students collaborate effectively

University students are often asked to work in groups, yet few are taught how to work well in teams and often struggle. In this 5-minute video, UW faculty Randy Beam (Communication) and Erin Hill (Physics) describe how they integrate instruction on teamwork into their regular courses to help students succeed in short-term and long-term class projects.

Innovators Among Us: Using technology to teach beyond the classroom

Stories of instructors who “think outside the building”, connecting with peers and across disciplines, collaborating with community members and creating nontraditional learning opportunities for students. Read more about using technology to teach.

Innovators Among Us: Tips and tools

Download top tips and best practices recommended by faculty and instructors featured in the Innovators Among Us series.