Department of Comparative Medicine

Animal Exports


Visit the Animal Import page if you wish to import animals to the University of Washington.

Visit the Intra-UW Animal Transfer page if you want to transfer animals within or between UW facilities.

New: UW Rodent Shipping Checklist(10/17/2022)

How to Submit an Export Request

The process by which animals relocate from UW property to an outside institution is defined as an Animal Export. The RHMP provides health reports to receiving institutions upon UW PI personnel request. The receiving institution may either accept or deny the animals based on the health report. The receiving institution may have additional questions or request supplementary testing. The RHMP may assist in the process and additional fees will apply.   

Animals may be exported to other Seattle institutions (e.g., Allen Institute of Brain Science, Benaroya Research Institute, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle Children’s Hospital), elsewhere within the USA, or internationally. Each export will differ in process and timeline.

Please use our new UW Rodent Shipping Checklist for all exports. Unsure of how to start with submitting an export request? Then follow this  How to Submit an Export Request guide.

For assistance with Animal Exports please contact Peter Waldron via and cc