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Work Schedule

After you have been hired, you should arrange your work schedule with your employer. (If participating in Summer Work Study, your schedule is determined by the summer Work Study period-see Full-time Summer Work Study). During the school year, the number of hours you work each week depends on your hourly pay rate and the amount of your award.

Use the following formula:
$ Amount of award # of weeks = $ per week
$ Per week pay rate = # hours per week

NOTE: The figure used for the "# of weeks" depends on whether you plan to work during final exam week or whether there will be other times when you will not work.

You may work a maximum of 19 hours per week on Work Study during the time classes are in session.

Your award is divided equally over your quarters of enrollment, but if you earn only part of your Work Study during a quarter, you may earn the remainder in the following quarter(s) as long as you are still awarded and continue to be eligible (see Loss of Eligibility). You may work full-time (maximum of 40 hours per week) during quarter breaks only if you are employed on campus or for a non-profit agency. Students who graduate mid-year may not work past the last day of exams for the quarter in which they graduate.