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The Summer Institute in the Arts & Humanities

Symposium - 2012 Summer Institute

Borderlands: Power, Place, and Difference

Twelfth Annual Summer Institute in the Arts and Humanities
An Intensive Introduction to Scholarly Research for Undergraduates

June 18th - August 17th, 2012

2012 Symposium

Friday, August 17, 2012 - Allen Library Auditorium

View the 2012 SIAH Symposium Program

9:00-9:30 Welcome and opening remarks

  • Janice DeCosmo, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Academic Affairs and Director, Undergraduate Research Program
  • Kathleen Woodward, Director, Walter Chapin Simpson Center for the Humanities and Professor of English
  • Professor José Antonio Lucero, Jackson School of International Studies
  • Jennifer Harris, Associate Director, Undergraduate Research Program

9:30-10:25           Session I- Displacements: Migration, Exile, Diaspora

      • Mahala Lettvin, American Studies, UW Bothell
      • Marcus Johnson, Global Studies, UW Bothell
      • Jessica Gonzalez, History and International Studies: Latin America
      • Charlotte Franklin, Political Science

10:10-10:25        Q&A & Closing Remarks for Session I

10:25-10:35             Break

10:35-11:30           Session II-  Reimagining Nations and Nationalism

      • Pundeep Dhunna, Global Studies, UW Bothell
      • Kali Swenson, English
      • Juan Soto, Communication and International Studies: Latin America
      • Dan Kearney, Political Science

11:15-11:30        Q&A and Closing Remarks for Session II

11:30-11:40            Break

11:40-12:35              Session III-  New Media, Youth, and Activism

      • Alejandra Olivos, Pre-Sciences
      • Moe Aoki, Law, Societies & Justice and Sociology
      • Sara Alstrom, International Studies
      • Jordan Augustine, English

12:20-12:35       Q&A amd Closing Remarks for Session III

12:40-1:45            Lunch in 171 Mary Gates Hall

1:50-2:45           Session IV-  Politics and Practices of Indigeneity

      • Travis Galloway, Spanish
      • Ramiro Reyes, International Studies
      • Michelle Carrizosa, European Studies
      • Gabriela Trejo, Global Studies, UW Bothell

2:30-2:45       Q&A and Closing Remarks for Session IV

2:55-3:50           Session V-  New Frontiers: Food, Science, Culture

      • Alicia Moreno, Social Welfare
      • Anne Wolken, Psychology and Anthropology
      • Chava-Sara M. Cramer, English
      • Elke Hautala, Comparative History of Ideas

3:35-3:50       Q&A and Closing Remarks for Session V

3:50-4:00            Break

4:00-4:15          Closing Remarks

  • Simon Trujillo, English