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The Summer Institute in the Arts & Humanities

The 2006 Institute

Nature Matters: On the Varieties of Environmental Experience

June 19th - August 18th, 2006

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2006 Schedule

Location and Time: MGH 284 from 11 am to 1 pm and 2 to 3 pm, unless otherwise noted.

The schedule is subject to change.

WEEK 1: Introduction: Environmental Humanities, Environmental History

Tuesday, June 20th - Introductions

Wednesday, June 21st - Environmental History

  • Wordsworth, Leopold & Lopez

Thursday, June 22nd - Environmental History

  • Warren readings
  • Film Showing: Mother and Son (Kane 23B)

WEEK 2: Approaches to Environmental Humanities

Tuesday, June 27th - Ecocriticism (J. Alaniz, G. Handwerk) & How do to Research (Suzzallo LIbrary)

  • Mitchell & Schama

Wednesday, June 28th - Ecogeography (L. Jarosz)

  • Film Showing: The Burning Season

Thursday, June 29th - Ecophilosophy (A. Light) - Download Prof. Light's PowerPoint presentation, "Contemporary Environmental Ethics
(And a Pragmatist Alternative)"

  • Institute Tea

[Groups will be set up this week]

WEEK 3: Reading Ecologically

Wednesday, July 5th

  • Film Showing: The Burning Season
  • Project Brainstorming

Thursday, July 6th

  • Encounters with the Archdruid by John McPhee

Friday, July 7th

  • Small group research problem (Suzzallo) FREE

[Article précis due this week]

WEEK 4: Cases I-II

(Note: Class meets in MGH 288 on July 11 and TBD on July 12)

Tuesday, July 11th

Wednesday, July 12th

  • Makahs continued
  • Ceremony by Lesley Marmon Silko (G. Handwerk)
  • Small Groups

Thursday, July 13th

  • Ceremony continued
  • Film Showing: Franju's Blood of the Beasts
  • Optional: "Why Look at Animals?" by John Berger
  • Optional: John Vaillant's New Yorker article, "The Golden Bough"
  • Institute Tea

[Project prospectus due this week]

WEEK 5: Cases III-IV

Tuesday, July 18th - Madagascar Deforestation (L. Jarosz)

  • Klein's "Deforestation in the Madagascar Highlands"
  • Chpt. 8 from Robbins' "Political Ecology"
  • Optional: Dove's "Forest Discourses in South and Southeast Asia"
  • Small Groups

Wednesday, July 19

  • Madagascar continued
  • Parts I & II of Skunk by Pytor Aleskovsky (J. Alaniz)
  • Russian environmentalism (J. Alaniz)
  • Small Groups

Thursday, July 20

  • Part III of Skunk

[Literature review due this week]

WEEK 6: Independent Research

Tuesday, July 25th through Thursday, July 27th

  • Conferences with faculty
  • Institute Tea on Thursday, July 27t

WEEK 7: Independent research

Tuesday, August 1st through Thursday, August 3rd

  • Presentation preparation/individual feedback

WEEK 8: Presentation practice

Tuesday, August 8th & Wednesday, August 9th

  • Practice presentations
  • Feedback
  • Peer review

Thursday, August 10th

  • Project draft due

WEEK 9: Summer Institute Symposium on Monday, August 14th in OUGL 220

Final projects are due Monday, August 21st.

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