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The Summer Institute in the Arts & Humanities

The 2002 Institute

Innovations: Text, Technologies and New Media in

Ancient Worlds and Contemporary Cultures

June 25 - August 22, 2002

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2002 Students

Summer Institute Project

Photo by Derrick Jefferies, 2005 Summer Institute

Elias Avinger, Classics

Nicholas Barr, History & Comparative History of Ideas

Elizabeth Dettori, Art History

Josh Evans, Comparative History of Ideas

Aimee Friberg, Interdisciplinary Visual Art

David Halsell, Art, Sculpture

Melinda Lee Holm, Art History & Interdisciplinary Visual Arts

Max Hunter, History of Science & Comparative History of Ideas

Moon Ki Hwang, Comparative History of Ideas & International Studies

Ryan Jansen, Political Science

Ian Li, Computer Science & Art, Painting

Brian Luke, History, Classical Studies, Comparative Religion, Near Eastern Studies

Timothy Minnich, History

Ari Okano, Political Science & English

Gary Owen, Art, Painting

Susan Phillipsen, Germanics

Bailey Renner, Comparative History of Ideas

Kristin Risinger, Scandinavian Area Studies & International Studies

Peter Rollins, Comparative Religion & Near Eastern Civilizations and Languages

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