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There are several ways to assign an item to another person or to a virtual location such as File.

  • From within the open item: click the Assignments tab
  • From the Tasklist: find the item you want to reassign, click on Actions + and select Reassign
  • From within the opened Cycle that contains the item: click Reassign next to that specific item

As a result, the Reassign page will display, either directly if the tab was clicked, or in a separate window.

Note: You cannot assign a Funding Action or any type of Admin Action to “File” if it has a status of “In OSP.”

Make the Reassignment

  • Under Reassign, use the Assign To drop-down menu to select the desired individual or location
  • Optionally, you can enter a comment in the OSP note field
  • To complete the process, click Assign

If the Reassign page had opened in a separate window, it will automatically close when you click the Assign button.

Note: You also have the option to reassign an item when you add or modify a Hold, or change its status (Deny, Mark as Duplicate, Approve, etc.).

When you are reassigning an item that’s in a cycle, you can reassign other Related Cycle Items at the same time.

View Assignment History

You can also see the item’s Assignment History from the Reassign page. The history shows prior assignments and indicates the date and time, who made the change, the new assignment, and any added notes.

  • On the Reassign page, scroll down to the Assignment History section, and click Show Assignment History to expand the section

The information displayed includes

  • Date Assigned is the date of the change.
  • Assigned By displays the person who made the change.
  • Assigned To displays the new assigned person or location.
  • OSP Note Text displays any notes entered with the reassignment; a system-generated comment displays for default, or initial, assignments.

OSP uses a Close Out (CO) internally to track that the closeout of a sponsored program occurs in accordance with federal regulations, specific sponsor policies and the terms of the award within the timeframe required by the sponsor.

To create a Close Out, follow the directions to Create an Admin Action, and then convert the AA to a CO. This action is usually the child of an Application.

When you create a CO, you must specify the type by selecting a checkbox under Close Out Action.

Close Out Field Definitions

A Close Out has specific fields in addition to the common admin action fields.

Field Description
Award End Date The ending date of the award.
Closeout Deadline Date The deadline as defined by the sponsor.
Closeout Delinquent Date This is a read-only field, and is equal to the Closeout Deadline Date plus 30 days. It will automatically display.
Close Out Actions There are four types

  • Technical Report
  • Invention Statement
  • Archive File
  • Other (explain in comments)

Review GIM 39 Closeout of Sponsored Programs for details on the closeout process.

To change an action to Denied status:

  1. Open the action you need to deny from the appropriate Tasklist.
  2. On the left navigation menu, click Deny.
  3. In the new window that opens, enter any notes, select the person or location for item reassignment to from the Reassign drop down menu, and then click Deny.

When you click Deny, the window will close and the action will display with the status of Denied.

If for some reason the status needs to change, the user may place the action back into the In OSP status by clicking In OSP on the left navigation menu and following step 3 above, clicking "In OSP" to complete the process.

Close Out Validation

Issue: Currently, there is no validation of required fields when a Close Out admin action is approved.

If necessary, the Close Out can be returned to In OSP status to have data added, and then be approved again.