Race & Equity Initiative

January 18, 2017

OMA&D Releases Diversity Blueprint for 2017-2021

17_REI-DiversityBlueprint-0109-002-1-e1483990644725The University of Washington’s Diversity Blueprint articulates the tri-campus community’s aspirations for becoming a truly inclusive and equitable environment for learning, research, service, and outreach.

The Diversity Blueprint begins with the University of Washington’s Diversity Council, a body composed of faculty, staff, and students from across all academic and administrative units, which is charged with advising the Vice President for Minority Affairs and Diversity and Chief Diversity Officer on campus diversity issues. In 2010, the Diversity Council responded to the campus community’s calls for the creation of a comprehensive plan that would guide the University of Washington toward achieving its stated goals for diversity and inclusion. In the spirit of those calls, a Diversity Blueprint was developed to challenge the University to live up to its mission of valuing diverse perspectives, creating a welcoming learning environment for all students, and promoting broad access and equal opportunity.

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