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The University of Washington Diversity Council created the 2010-2014 UW Diversity Blueprint with university wide goals, strategic priorities, recommended actions, and metrics.
Read the blueprint here.

The University Diversity Council is the primary advisory committee to the UW President on matters of diversity and equity at all three UW campuses. Rickey Hall, Vice President for Minority Affairs & Diversity, and Chadwick Allen, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement, co-chair the Council.

The priorities of the Diversity Council are to review and advise on critical diversity issues; to coordinate diversity programs and initiatives across the University; to advise on and manage diversity planning; and to identify and disseminate best practices.  The University Diversity Council developed the Diversity Blueprint and monitors its progress.

The Diversity Council was founded in 2001, in the wake of Washington State Initiative 200 prohibiting “preferential treatment” based on race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in public employment, education, and contracting. Answering a request by UW student groups, the University of Washington Regents, student leaders, and UW administrators signed a Diversity Compact on October 21, 2000. They pledged to improve diversity on the UW campuses through 19 specific initiatives, which are detailed in the Diversity Compact.

Several organizations encouraged the formation of a central administrative body focused on recruiting and creating a welcoming environment for underrepresented students, faculty, and staff. In particular, the Multicultural Organization of Students Actively Involved in Change (MOSAIC) and the Multicultural Alumni Partnership (MAP) played a key role in shaping the Council’s original mission and scope.

Members of the Diversity Council include members of the University administration, staff members, and faculty members; and undergraduate and graduate students representing student groups and student government. The Council consists of representatives of each major administrative unit, school, and college, all three UW campuses as well as representatives of constituency groups.