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The University of Washington Diversity Council created the 2010-2014 UW Diversity Blueprint with university wide goals, strategic priorities, recommended actions, and metrics.

Read the blueprint here.

The Diversity Council advises the Vice President for Minority Affairs & Diversity and Chief Diversity Officer, and works to address diversity issues at the University of Washington campuses in Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma. Composed of faculty, staff, and students across all academic and administrative units on campus, the Council aims to inclusively and equitably approach diversity projects and initiatives.

Membership on the Diversity Council is an opportunity to review and advise on critical diversity issues, to coordinate diversity programs and initiatives across the University, to advise on and manage diversity planning, and to identify and disseminate best practices. The University Diversity Council has also played an important role in developing the Diversity Blueprint and monitoring its progress.

The Council has been instrumental in bringing about change in several areas, such as coordinating student outreach initiatives across academic units, expanding options related to diversity in the curriculum, assisting and advising on diversity planning in academic units, and developing assessment measures for diversity goals.

The Diversity Council is co-chaired by Rickey L. Hall, Vice President for Minority Affairs & Diversity and Chief Diversity Officer and Dr. Chadwick Allen, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement.

Members have the opportunity to:

  • attend and actively participate in Diversity Council meetings.
  • serve on the Diversity Council for two years.
  • act as Diversity Council liaisons for their units.

Diversity Council Members are encouraged to incorporate their understanding of diversity-related concerns within their unit to inform the work of the Council. Additionally, members are encouraged to report back to their units and ensure that the current work of the Diversity Council is circulated within their unit.