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Financial Coding Descriptions Options Menu

The Financial Coding Descriptions Options Menu lists the varous categories of codes used throughout the financial system. You may display further information on a code, including description, effective date, and status.

To display the Financial Coding Descriptions Options Menu from the FIN Main Menu:

Action [6] ­ Financial Coding Descriptions

To display descriptive information for a selected code:

"option number"

Note: Option 1, Account Code, is used for both expenditure and revenue codes. The format for expenditure code is object, subobject, sub-subobject and the format for revenue codes is 9XXXXX.

The Starting Value begins the display at a particular code. The format to be used in the Starting Value field for each options is shown in parentheses next to the title of the option.

To display the first code to display:

"starting value"

For example, to display additional information for Object/Subobject codes and to begin the display with 0451:

"option number" (03)
"starting value" (0451)

Note: If there is no match found for the starting value you requested, the display will begin with the closest match. If no information is found for the options selected, you will return to the Options Menu.

If there is additional information, a "3" will appear in the Action Box.

To view data as displayed:

Moving forward: [Send]
Moving backward: Action [4] ­ Prior Page

To display information for a different option:

[Tab] to Option Number field
"option number"
"starting value"

To return to the Option Menu:

Action: [2] ­ Option Menu

To return to the FIN Main Menu:

Action: [1] ­ Main Menu

Options available from this screen:

Biennium: May be changed to the previous, current, or future biennium.